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Former ACH residents, Tracy (l) and Tim(r) enjoy their new home and independence thanks to ACH donor’s generosity.

“The programs at Another Chance House allowed me time and a safe place to clear up the wreckage of from my past.  I was offered priceless opportunities to focus on rebuilding and improving my life,” says former Another Chance House resident Tracy.

His roommate, Tim, shares, “I’m grateful to the people who give to ACH.  It’s not a shelter but a safe place where recovery from drugs is possible.  Having good food to eat, support from the staff, and making lasting connections with other men in recovery made all the difference for me.”

Tracy and Tim both addressed underlying causes and consequences from their former lives while living at Another Chance House.  They became roommates while in the ACH Transitional Program.

Residents move into Transition from the Main House once they have achieved goals outlined by their case managers.  This program allows residents autonomy and time to pay off past debts, save money for the future, and continue to be supported by peers and professional staff.  These residents pay rent and learn to budget their income to set them us for success.

Today, Tracy and Tim are roommates, sharing a new, peaceful home.

Another Chance House donors helped Tracy and Tim to achieve their goal of living independently – and they have the bonus of a lifelong friendship!