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“I hated being me.”

Before coming to Another Chance House, Shorty wished himself dead.  Trauma and grief made escape through drugs his way of life.  Living on the streets, he worked to earn money for his next fix, hoping he simply wouldn’t wake up. “I kept trying to overdose, but I would wake up the next day, disappointed.”

Shorty’s friend, Ernesto, didn’t give up on him though.  Ernesto says, “I knew Shorty back in the day – we grew up together.  I kept telling him there was a new way to live and that he should come to Another Chance House.  It took a long while for him to believe he was worthy of a new life, but he finally started calling the waiting list.  I’m so glad my brother is here now!”

Today, Shorty is working full-time, attending 12-step meetings, meeting regularly with his ACH case manager and he recently moved to an ACH Transitional Home. Shorty works with ACH Board Member German Rico at Polk Street Condominiums.  He tends the plants and pool and he’s trusting he can learn a new way of life. “I didn’t know anything about taking care of plants or a pool; but Mr. German is patient with me, and he keeps showing me new things.”  Recently Shorty came into the Main House after work and exclaimed, “Today is a good day.  I have moments when I question where I am in life – and then God sends someone to me – they don’t even know they are encouraging me – and I know I’m right where I need to be.”

“The people here really care about me.  My self-hatred is easing.  I’m learning I deserve sobriety.  Coming here is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.  If it wasn’t for this place, I’m sure I would be dead.”

Another Chance House donors give Shorty hope for his future.  Thank you!