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Michael was awarded the Victorious Heart Award by the Amarillo’s Community Campaign for the Homeless in 2021.  During his interview he mentioned many area agencies who helped him in his journey to self-sufficiency as well as his advisor at Wayland Baptist University.  Today, Michael and his wife are living in their new home – a great accomplishment!
Imagine being raised by your great-grandparents and discovering along the way that the person you thought was your sister, was actually your mother … imagine becoming addicted to drugs while serving your country in the armed forces and then slipping through the cracks of the system once discharged … imagine misdemeanors becoming felonies and felonies becoming three stretches of time served in the state penitentiary … imagine living 24 years of your life as a homeless man. Now try to imagine rebuilding your life. Where would you begin?

This was U.S. Army Veteran Michael Johnson’s life before you intervened with the programs your financial support provides at Another Chance House (ACH). “Life is so much safer for me today; I was gonna surely die.”

Michael joined the Army at the age of 21. When discharged at 25, Michael was addicted to drugs. He describes having a long rap sheet and little hope. Drifting across the U.S., “Big Mike”, as he’s affectionately known around the ACH campus, reached the point where he wanted to “get straight before there was no time left.”

Michael describes how your support has helped him this way, “ACH is about love and understanding. They lifted be back up. I’ve been given every opportunity to succeed – but a man must desire to do better, too. I was able to rest, think about ways to better myself, and make a plan. The staff goes above and beyond to help.”

Michael’s story is truly one of another chance. You see, he came through the ACH program five times before he was successful. Recovery and rebuilding one’s life aren’t simple things – but you offered hope and another chance to Michael as an ACH donor.

Living independently since 2018, Michael’s next step was to join the ACH Direct Care Staff Team, working closely with ACH veteran residents. He’s paid forward the hope and resources you offered him.

Big Mike shares that one VA resident he worked with really stands out for him. He knew this resident when they both “lived on the slab”. AC’s story is similar to Michael’s as he has struggled to leave the streets. “I’ve told him it’s not easy, but don’t give up! You’ve got to keep trying. I know that there are people who believe another chance at life is possible, because they gave me another chance!”

While working at ACH, Michael has been attending Waylon Baptist University and in December he will graduate with a Human Services / Social Work BAS. “I want to continue helping people.”

Michael has moved on to the next step in his journey, and you should be so proud of him. He’s recently joined the City of Amarillo’s Coming Home Program as a Peer Support Worker. “I love my life today and I’m anxious to help others navigate life without drugs and alcohol. I want to help other men reach their goals. I’ve been there – it will be great to share the confidence I’ve gained by going through the ACH program with others. I want to be a positive influence.”

Big Mike is helping others because you helped him and gave him another chance.

Big Mike trains new staff member, Rob.

Big Mike training new staff member Rob. Direct Care Staff Members are an integral part of the ACH Program our donors provide.